Discrimination is not allowed, but Bthrm ettiqute is. 

Here’s the thing, I really don’t enjoy going to the bathroom out in public. I hate even more that this whole gender equality with the bathroom is really, honestly, an issue. 

Let’s not forget the one time I had to use the restroom so badly I skipped infront of a man, on purpose, using the men’s bathroom just to relieve myself from the noise.  

It’s natural. 

Just like this tasty ham + turkey sandwich will one day turn into energy…so on and so on. 

Look here’s the rules for LB andddd pretty much anybody else that I’ve talked to about this situation.

  • Don’t piss on the floor. 
  • Don’t leave your tampon/pad disposables on the floor. 
  • Toilet paper goes on the roll or in the toilet and SOMTIMES in the trash can. 
  • Don’t ever look under, around, above, about anywhere other than your own business. Basically no traveling eyes. Thank you. 
  • Don’t chat with me in the bathroom unless it’s something of kindness. All in all, don’t talk to me. 
  • Check yourself in the mirror before leaving. 
  • Last but not least, wash your hands. 

No where in my list of banter had I had any content about gender. But hey, we all know that one guy.” Let’s just not be “that way.” Respect each others privacy and no one will bother.