LB’s Fall Fashion Trends

LB's Fall Fashion Trends


Above are a few items I believe that make or break you during the day. Outerwear? Do you need it? Dress for the whole day, not just for one particular occasion. Make sure that all pieces in your wardrobe flow together, but do not step outside of your own personal capsule. For this look I wanted to go with three radical different style of dresses but all based around the same look and the same idea. Lace- mustard yellow. *Cue the praise hands for Fall*. With mentioning Fall, I wanted to have three jackets that could be worn all throughout the season of Fall and Winter.  I wanted to pair the 3/4 lace dress with a coat that was freely opened. Your high-neck dress added with a dainty gold necklace would be enough for the outfit with or without the jacket. Which is the theme that replicates itself through the whole style. Easily put together, all outfits have one item that makes it it’s own, and are very unique.

Lace detail dress

Sexy yellow dress

Collar coat

Miss Selfridge brown coat

River Island brown faux fur coat
$125 –

Joie booties
$370 –

Ileana Makri 18k jewelry

Seiko Watches watch

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